- nightfall: no liquor tonight -

Said it before, and I’ll

say it again – this

vessel ain’t well-built for a

bottle of gin. These

stars may twinkle brightly, yet this

shot glass does too, while

Jackie D and Jimmy Beam are

seizing the room.



that’s what I said. Mr.

Liquor Man, I know you can stay

out of my head.


believe it’s true – there are

other ways to shorten days ‘stead

of chasing you.


Tasted at night, never

tasted in day – this

warmer flavor I have savored,

and I have paid. These

shots may be crucial, yet my

needs are ajar; that’s

why this vessel’s sailing off; it’s

leaving this bar.



that’s what I said. As I’m

keeping cool in Midwest rule, you’re

headed to bed.


believe it’s true – in a

grand nightfall, my senses call to

run off from you.

D.J, Whisenant

- nightfall: needs -

I NEED… a pair of

ears I can call.

I NEED… a choc’late

shake with two straws.

I NEED… some warm blood

to squeeze so tight… ‘cause a

pillow ain’t the same, in the

heat of the night.


I NEED… a love who’ll

count stars with me.

I NEED… a second

bod ‘tween these sheets.

I NEED… the dream I

feel I deserve… but the

nightmare is, for all that bliss, you

must be found first.


No need for riches…

just some attention in the

dark, dark, dark –

as I can see.

Crave what I’m missin’…

passionate vision for my

heart, heart, heart –

all that I need. So

o… love…

where… art thou?

Two… souls…

here… and now,

I look and listen…

for your existence, near or

far, far, far –

need you for me.

D.J. Whisenant

- nightfall: sunset -

Ev’ry time you run, ev’ry time you run,

ev’ry time you run away… a

tinge of fever runs right through my

bones. A

cold snap… in the midst of summer,

as winter brings a dark inferno,

as you set, I’m being set up to

be all alone.


One of these nights I’ll find somebody,

reset my soul to its core warmth –

in touch with the fireflies,

raking in ev’ry sound.

One of these nights I’ll come upon the

one who’ll never do me no harm –

holding my heart ev’ry night,

when the sun goes down.

D.J. Whisenant

- nightfall -

Don’t shed tears no more,

under moonlit skies.

My heart’s apathetic,

under dusty stars.

Don’t pace floors no more,

pond’ring earlier lies.

In the hours’ rhetoric,

peace is still too far.


Eating too much again,

before bedtime,

no need to pretend -

grey makes my spine.


This is what happens when the

owls call… a

lonely laden canvas here when

night falls.

Comfortable shouldn’t feel this

deadly, slow bleed… in

Midwest mud… oh heaven

help me, Lord please.

D.J. Whisenant

Letting Go


Love it, love it, LOVE IT.

Originally posted on The Winter Bites My Bones:

It is human nature to become too attached to things or people.  Learn how to let go with grace.

It is human nature to become too attached to things or people.
Learn how to let go with grace.

Letting go of regrets is not some passive undertaking. 

Regret is a weight that anchors us in the past,
rendering the future as unobtainable.

Letting go takes courage and lots of sweat.
It takes a willingness to allow pain to run its course.
We are forever changed by the failures of yesterday.
Who we are today barely resembles who we were yesterday.

The heartaches and the pervasive sense of loss
can either pull us down into the morass of self-pity,
or it can catapult us from the depths of relentless sorrow
to the heights of new joy.

It all depends on upon a readiness to face the sun
as it rises upon a new day.
Upon how hungry we are to feed the possibility
that something more, something better

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