- the age of vista -

I was asked,

“how long do you see yourself


As with most questions,

my response was not

healthy in the specific moment.


Until my student loans are paid off?

Until I have enough saved to leave the Midwest?

Until I purposely smash a window out of anxiety and anguish?


I simply stated that I’d

“give it a year.”



D.J. Whisenant

- preparation -

Can I ever be truly in control,

ready and willing to go into

the Friday flames?

Early to bed and early to rise….

shit will hit the fan sooner or later.

Be wise I should,

urgent, but calm.

Doing what I am paid to do,

the prep work has to come in handy

somewhere, somehow.

Early to bed and early to rise….

let the shit hit the fan.



D.J. Whisenant