– elysian park –

  I walk these paths like second nature, my own west coast Mill Creek Park. Skylines bleed and swirl like tie-dye on a t-shirt I never made. Youngstown? Los Angeles? My eyes and feet read a new story; my feet and eyes deliver the same narrative.   ~ ~ D.J.W. Advertisements

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– pair off –

One plus one they go, homemaking and so, raise pups and globetrot each year, love so soft, you’d shed a tear…  and they do it in the name of love –  they did it just to have someone –  they have done it just because life looks too lonesome alone.  ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– stretch it out –

Walking runs deep, with- in each joint each ligament. When tension closes the door, it’s time to blow that lid again. Take time, break time, break ache down. Bury trauma under rise of sound,  in the deep of screaming dawn,  extend arms just like Armstrong. Relax muscles, man. Stop stalking all these musclemen and start […]

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– kingship –

Your crown has been tarnished. My crown is made of straw and twigs. His crown was called into question. It’s all fine and dandy… nobility is still nobility. They will dispute and challenge our claims to the throne until their faces are true blue, steamed and pressed like the paninis they enjoy eating so much.  […]

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