Happy National Poetry Month!

Hi everyone! I’m visiting San Diego at the moment and wanted to wish you all a happy National Poetry Month here in the U.S. While I had a plan to post a special series of poems this month, circumstances made me realize it would be better to take an official step back from posting on […]

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– brand name –

I’ve been mulling over what my brand as a “working poet” should be. I’ve experienced short bursts of confidence in my product with every recent release of verse to the environment, gaining belief that my audience, as small and humble they may be, have developed loyalty to my heart’s diary. Do these patrons connect truly […]

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– rewiring –

Fair to claim the touches of self-hate are a part of the programming, taught to love what ruins my vessel, what ruins my verses, what rumbles my crown. Deprogramming and repair have been pains worth bawling through, both the explicit tears and the ones kept under my cap. The stress of change and its anti-overnight […]

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– at least i asked –

I see you as prey, I smell the scent in the Orange County sun. I’m lost in my daze because these cravings got me on the hunt. Work you down slowly, I’m molding my meal, just to catch a small taste, a short chase in the field. “Do you like poetry? I know a spot,” […]

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I contributed to a book!

Hello everyone! I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve written a special post, but this is too big not to keep quiet about… I contributed to a published book! O! Relentless Death: Celebrities, Loss and Mourning is a project created by the brother and sister duo of Andrew and Lee Fearnside, the latter of […]

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– dialogue –

I jump in, and I very well may jump down your throat, delivering my greatest Oprah impersonation, playing with the chords of your vocals in order to pull the strings of your heart. I possess a nerve to make Ed Bradley a proud father figure, making my quest for truth a valid and fulfilling one. […]

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