– was she god? –

I cannot forget the homeless woman on the corner of Western & Washington, middle age, heavier set with the utmost brown skin, short kinky hair, and long dingy-looking dress, her bed of belongings on one sidewalk of the street, her days spent begging and conversing with herself in front of the 7-Eleven on the opposite […]

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– disaster at both ends –

How do you respond to the incoming collision of two trains on the track you are standng upon? First, you remove yourself from the course. Next, you hurry to a safe distance away from the soon-to-be circle of hell. Then, you praise your luckiest of stars that you are no longer in doom’s canyon. Last… […]

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– message received –

You hid yourself to take part in reinvention. You hid yourself to repair and rework the parts that were faulty, damaged beyond belief. You hid yourself to rewrite the punchlines you knew had lost their bite, for evolution cannot form with use of the same outdated jokes. You hid yourself to demand more from your […]

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– message thread kept –

Lost, touch, lost in touch, all sense has left suitcase packed up. No new number, just memory livin’, and the message thread kept close here before dusk. Where’d you run to friend? I do not recall if I did drop that proverbial ball for us the weird negros, unusual black people, now two strangers who […]

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– trust –

In- form me: what kind of man burns his little girl with a cigarette to prove a point? In- form me: what kind of woman leaves her baby boy at the store ’cause she’s got no coin? In- form me: what kind of lover out here kisses each eye with a balled-up fist? Just warn […]

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