– challenging times –

Hey best friend, you know my story, from Yarab to Daniel to Elliott’s glory. Yes best friend, you want the best, some union of souls that you can bless. Is that why you challenged me, dutifully, to date and/or mate beautifully? Good thing there’s no deadline; my black ass in the dash is lagging behind. […]

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– orlando –

I took a trip to Orlando, and I know it took my mind off you. Dry and drunk unlike a skunk, it was the warmest night on the first of June. Got close to the magic kingdom, almost entered with both feet in, almost felt such a magic rush, fully without your magic touch. Would […]

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– ham –

Ham asked again ’bout my miles in music; skirting it can only get me so far. Spoke of complacency like it was facing me; wasting gas can only get me so far. Ham knows my stomach, each hunger pain I feel, urges me to travel until I find something real. Go, go, go – there […]

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– the fear again –

… hello sweet spider; night breaks right now. … how many moments did you break my vows? Here I go, there I go, now I go again; place the blame on your true frame. … well no sweet spider, this fear is my name. … hello sweet spider; faith cracks right here. … this moonlight […]

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– below west 14th –

Thick air in the thickness of it all, in Manhattan on the eve of the fall, a platform just below West 14th, where Avenues of the Americas meet. It’s 11 p.m., no D.M.s – just everyone on their Androids, I see them. Skip small talk under all this heat, just flirt with my phone and […]

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