– battered hands –

Backwards and over… backwards and over… no four leaf clover, just messy backhands kept to myself. Didn’t I notice… in the commotion… that deep pink potion was the solution keeping such a problem? These battered hands aren’t as battered as they are burned, and this battered fool still has all the will to learn. Backwards […]

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Guess who’s back on Twitter?

Hello one and all! Hope everyone is having a fulfilling summer. Just wanted to let you know I once again have a Twitter account. Follow me both there and on Instagram at @dontewhisenant. Also, be on the look out for more content on my Soundcloud (djwwordsandsounds), coming soon.   Thank you as always for your […]

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– confessing to the universe –

There is no faking joy in the game of spiritual awakening. O.K. Fine. Understood. What there seems to be is more correct breathing every day, discovering memes on the ‘gram related to the “true origins” of man, an inconsistency in remembering that coincidence is not a real word and reacting accordingly, a consistency of unhealthy […]

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– in case you forgot –

There are a million or so items on my wish list: the home off Wilshire, the book of poetry, the Dodge RT Challenger in jet black, the roads to a stupdendous life of travel, adventure, and the like. I want like any other human itching in this skin, eyes scratched out from the sharp hues […]

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– the parasite is i –

I’ve sucked the life out of myself under so many moons, I now feel a tingle, a disturbance, a danger in regards to the discovery of life unknown outside of the moonlight, away from this type of self-abuse, the distance from the devil. Surely, you’ll believe me when I state that this is a part […]

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– t. dot on hold –

There was a plan in place to celebrate the 30th rotation on a planet called Toronto. Then again, how can a plan be labeled as such when one is so befuddled with dreaming of T. Dot and not focusing on the steps to get there, not taking into consideration unexpected deaths in the family, not […]

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