– ongoing –

The skin, the teeth, the limbs, the feet, the silence, the retreat, the patterns, the remedy, the pride, the sexuality, the wishy-washy masculinity, the lust, the dreams, the tug-of-war with energy… the journey to loving me – where is the tunnel’s end? ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– canyon –

  All I can think of within the confinement of these wide open spaces: seclusion. survival. beauty. curiosity. wonder. accomplishment. Sunday, a sunny day, a sun ray for me and only me, from the Valley through to Beverly, a surefire remedy. Where are these pure thoughts when needed the rest of the week? ~ ~ […]

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– o-h, i-o! –

This buckeye will not crack… won’t drown out in the sea or in the sand; I de- mand the most of me. Didn’t I survive nights of inebriation, late-night drives stagnant and waiting? Cornholes and the corn fields lost their pure appeal to me… yet these were my pacifiers through each season in a long […]

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– invisible ink –

Writing and typing up list upon list… no sign or sight of a Christmas wish, just persons unknown like a bum with no home – they complement my energy. Will I put down the pen of invisible ink? Will I give my life’s blood to revision? Can I put down the pen of invisible ink? […]

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