– replacement words –

Fear became bravery, isolation was changed into association, disdain was refashioned into compassion, hatred was altered into sympathy, and terror turned into peace the moment I exchanged my most complex worries for a simple piece of joy. ~ ~ D.J. Whisenant

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– fulfillment –

We-all-want-satsi- faction… a place to stash our treasured inner peace… so desp’-rate-in-all our action… we find comfort in pleasures and re- lease. I know ~ I try though blind to find my fulfillment, from a fine wine so kind to some new religion; stop my wander over yonder, to rest over and not under inse- cure cracks on my mad […]

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– friendship in the dark –

A wild wonder for my late Friday slumber as he takes a small tumble through the bedroom door. Admits he’s drinkin’ ’cause his work life is stinkin’ and can’t help his drunk thinkin’ as he talks some more. I ~ listen, the way good listeners do. I give him the space to expose his truths. […]

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– a worthy life –

Create myself with the hands of other sculptors, or create myself with my own two palms? Debate my health with o- pinions from your pulpit, or restate myself when you’re up in arms? ~ Think about it… think about it… think about it ’cause I know I will. Read about it… too, I’ll shout it… so don’t doubt it […]

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– get it done –

Let’s talk about produc- tivity so ravishing. Complete tasks at a proper pace; don’t let hours go to waste. Let’s talk about all the energy we release. Do your work with no regret; numb the pain you can’t forget. ~ When I can’t save the world-I-look-to save the storage room if I can. When confusion un- furls-I-look-to […]

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