– darling & handsome –

I play pretend in my realm of Technicolor daydreaming. On the schedule this evening, the compelling saga of two foreigners, aliens to the Earth, plotting against all odds to seize it for themselves. The tag team engages in secret language, coded wording known only to them. They scheme… they conspire… they send kissy-face and heart […]

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– motorola lovin’ –

Our text messages tell the tale of our romance. New emojis create new pages in our narrative. Every “good morning, my darling”, each “good night and sweetest of dreams”, all the back and forth of adoration between us – they all cover my palms in gold, and while my fingers do not tremble, my heart […]

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– the list –

The other day, I reached for my handy dandy note- book – ironically, Blue was the color. It was a necessity to get my thoughts off the hook, and hopefully, I would uncover… what a real mate for my crush would look like, all the details and dimensions that one needs to provide. Is it anywhere damn […]

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– weho –

Santa Monica Boulevard houses such unearthly men. Muscles, music, and mojitos, see the mild yet mad mayhem. This is only one shot of your reel, man, and I’m sure you’re looking for a real man, so forgive me if I can’t seem to deal, man; self-esteem is such a drag. Santa Monica Boulevard houses such ungodly sin. See […]

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