– ethereal –

You are perfection… picked from a high selection. Even when you’re in the world, you’re far above the earth, and rightfully so… you just don’t know. You are a flower… sown in the April shower. Even if you fall from grace, no rose can grow in your place, and without doubts to cling to, rolled […]

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– cali don’t go –

Cali don’t go, don’t go sweet darlin’, down the Sunset Strip like a sad movie scene. Cali don’t die so dearly departed, off into the sunset with all of my dreams. ~ Rays of sweet gold flowing through your hair, scents of the ocean roaming through the air, all my life I longed for a […]

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– breaking news –

Head up to the ceiling, making kissy faces – praying one day that you will kiss me back. Foolish with the feeling, breaks in messy spaces – carnage fr- WE INTERRUPT DJ’S ONE-SIDED LOVE AFFAIR FOR THIS SPECIAL BULLETIN: Judith dropped some knowledge on me at work today. ‘I’m doing fine; just don’t pay the […]

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– staying power –

Been only one week, been on that web sneak, tryin’ to get ev’ry morsel of you I can. No words I could speak, so don’t even think of me – just a tasteless, semi-faceless creep of a man. ~ Of course I think a thought, if you will stay or not, perhaps cross my way […]

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– surreal love –

Are you Him in earthly disguise, fighting my demons with my own delusion? On a whim, I birthed a new lie, fighting my reason with this lone confusion. Can’t fight no more; I can’t help this haven in my head, not based on what I’ve read, but even if it’s all in vain… our surreal […]

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