– migrant –

Both sides of my clan have Alabama blood in ’em. Some crash-landed in Ohio during that era of great transition for their kind. Others made their path upward later in the tale. Opportunity is wherever you can find it. Reinvention is however you can make it.  America is a land of movers and changers, forever […]

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– without david ruffin… –

Derrick bullied me in the hallways, in my mind brought varsity blues, to go along with rhythm in the corridors I did stew. Labeled me “David Ruffin…” without him, The Temps ain’t nothin’! All I saw was the drug addict Leon played, blind to all his real-life ways. He sang the sweetest songs, led the […]

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– sterling –

Sterling, when used as an adjective, is defined as “excellent” or “valuable” in relation to a person or said person’s work, efforts, or qualities… someone’s parents apparently had the game figured out from the first play. A man of achievement, words cannot deliver justice to the wicked ways of Mr. Brown. How does he deliver […]

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– panthera nigra –

Prowl like you mean it. Apply pressure upon the naysayers. Make mincemeat out of each obstruction with a cat-like glare that kills and thrills. Dare to paint the portrait that will inspire the descendants. Exceed the expectations that come with heroics. Devour. ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– the crown –

You truly didn’t get the memo? Sistas been doin’ it for themselves, making gold out of dirt and mud, mixing and mustering up too much magic, the kind that makes Merlin mad and green. They’re about the business. They ARE the business. They take care of their crowns, any way they see fit, the same […]

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