– triggered again –

My expectations of people and the let down that follows… this may be my reasoning for my recent retreats into songs made from the voice of Monica. After all, it’s just ‘one of dem days…’ one in an unbreakable motion. I will not take it personal. ~ ~ D.J.W. Advertisements

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– dangling –

Good prospect got me its grasp… so once more to dreams I cling fast… good fortune rises with the day… so once more to the sun I pray. Dangle the carrot, I’d share it I swear. Don’t leave me in suspense suspended mid-air where I’m coolin’ it, until you cool off with the punchline of […]

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– beholden –

To you I owe because I know you know the thick side of my head, out one ear the things you said, talking in vain. To you I owe because I know you know my need to see shit for myself then  stinking up the bottom shelf, no worth to my name. So come collect, […]

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– i cannot –

I cannot write anything I feel is of value to the universe. This is a temporary happening, but this still happens to trouble me anyway. I am not equipped for the final transformation yet. I am not ready for the next vessel when I’ve just found elements in this one to celebrate. I cannot weep […]

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– new love song –

Why should this love song have to rhyme? We’re not slaves to the rhythm; we break chains from the rhythm. Sweet in our groove and the taste of the mood is de- lect-a-ble. Why should this love song need a beat? We don’t need a drum when our hearts give good thump, keeping in time […]

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