– tension –

I sense the tension in how close I am to receiving all that I asked for. It presses deep on my spine, cripples much of my right hand, and stiffens at least half of my toes… this all means that one hell of a hard lesson is close by as well. I don’t want to […]

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– fraudulent –

“Can’t fake the feeling,” it says. “Can’t play pretend in the role of Mr. Positivity,” the universe says… then what’s the point? It’s not as if I’m using my sunshine just for my own gain; people I know are suffering in their dim private worlds. These prayers for their troubles cannot ring hollow, not in […]

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– consistency –

Oh, the impossibility, keeping up this same energy from all sweet rays of sun, baked in all my lovely ones. Yes I may feel bitter if I taste bitter, tongue taste bitter, but I’m still better than that. Practice when I consider any bad taste I could chase so I won’t spit it back. Gon’ […]

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– ssshhh!!! –

Silence: my savior and my reaper. You carry me home like a first-time parent introducing the newborn babe to the family shelter… you too carry me home like deceased kin leading one into the light of the other side. You discover comfort in the hammock of my closed mouth… you too discover slumber in the […]

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– love you. mean it. k, bye –

The kind of friend I aspire to be is somewhere between Ron Johnson from A Different World and Ed from Good Burger. Goofy. Audacious. Improper. Otherworldly with my one-liners. Down-to-earth with my words of twisted wisdom. The kind of friend I aspire to be is unbothered with lightweight social media connections that never make contact […]

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