– devil don’t sleep –

Devil don’t sleep, devil don’t stop. Don’t you see him creep, sneak around the clock? Devil don’t rest, sunbathe on yachts. Tanned on her breast, bakin’ ’cause she’s hot. Aren’t you on fire too? Are you even the mood to stay on high alert? Don’t fall for that angel’s work. He’s always in the mood […]

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– out of body –

Sometimes sometimes, I wish this body wasn’t my own – splayed across the cold ground so wide. Sometimes sometimes, I wish I could just leave it alone – ways to kill the warm love in- side. It’s-a-cruel-ex- perience, a dreary lust I dream… in-a-blue-and hazy dust so perilous to breathe… Out of body, out of […]

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– the family dysfunction –

A cyclone of words and actions, howling loud and forever proud with ego and bite, using hands and arms to argue points of view  and justify a previous cyclone of words and actions, these cycles of offending and defending can only climax and reboot in one weary direction. When the participants on the carousel are […]

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– jersey # 21 –

What was going on in that country head of yours, in the olden days? Perhaps only your sis and girl  knew – diff’rent blood, same name. Scrubbing green and gold off your hands, latching on to future plans, leaving cities burning be- hind… Clever in your arrogance, now proudly irrelevant, country ways still firm on […]

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– kept warm –

You always speak about how you hate the cold, SoCal is sewn-in-to-your skin. You worship the heat, the warmer the fire, brazen in your worshipping vessel’s desire. Oh so often, I’m wheezin’ and coughin’ on who keeps you warm from out of my arms, then I snap out, I tap out, and re- member to […]

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– revelation –

I confessed to Brother Daniel my sin. I could almost taste the fear vomiting from my mouth as I divulged to him my forbidden feeling for his beauty, in his bedroom, in the eye of the evening. I believe now he reacted the way I knew he would, based on the make-up of his man-made […]

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