– marvelous on a monday –

Monday does not have to be manic. We are indeed caught up in workplace purgatory. However, we can still smile. We can still laugh. We can still demonstrate teamwork, integrity, brotherhood, and support as we take on Monday, make it a fun day, set the bar high through Sunday, and then one day, when purgatory releases […]

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– rain is coming –

Within the big and blue, or in this case, the grand and grey, the fall down prepares its courses. Neither mercy nor remorse can be spotted, leaving the valleys to be flooded and the mountaintops to erode. And as clouds roll over the canvas with passionate rumble and tumble, I think to myself: why do I always misplace my […]

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– too close to me –

You won’t… claw your talons into me, no you don’t… get to say I’m what you need. For two months… acting like we’re Siamese twins. My cold front… is where this ice storm begins. ~ You’re too delirious; it’s not that serious. Too fast, won’t last, but ’cause you’re so curious… ~ you’re doing the […]

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– boogie on the day shift –

A dastardly devil there inside, I get that itch down my spine. A daring demon not left alone, I get that twitch in my bones. ~ Song or silence, labeled and loaded, my feet speak fiercely, wilder perhaps than my work ethic. ~ Peers act like parents, for they just don’t understand. Electric on the main floor, to move […]

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