– mrs. malinak –

Mean old woman… tart old lady… angry elder… drives you crazy. That’s Mary Lou… that’s Mrs. Malinak… cuts at the edge… never takes her actions back, but wait (what?) – let’s dig a little under her insanity. Wow (what?) – you won’t believe her knack for writing poetry. What a sweet surprise… under a sour cloud. Cloak […]

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– angel in the city –

Let me be an angel among this  city, save all the avenging for the comics, just help who need or want it. The demons that feed on the night and boast and brag in broad daylight can- not put fear into this heart of mine. The creatures that haunt Sunset Strip and flaunt on Melrose oh so quick can- […]

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– what kind of world –

To my grandniece and my future godchildren, won’t you take some time in the heavens, look down and listen? Heartbreak of the ones be- fore you, the hideous nature of my realm cannot claim your sweet smiles; be damned if you let it take the helm. ~ What kind of world… what kind of world will […]

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– brass –

I know bliss; can you hear my trumpet blow? This is the noise of splendor, acceptance, the sound of my newfound joy. Now raise your instruments, brothers and sisters; play all the music with pride – what’s there to hide? Speak our language with the sharpest, most unapologetic reckoning of rhetoric, for we now get […]

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– my brother’s wedding –

Strangers in white… at the edge of the year… catch me in spirit… if my body’s not here. Was it a great night, sewn from a grand day? Plucking petals from ev’ry bouquet… a toast to the newlyweds on this wedding day. Papa don’t preach… at the edge of the night… no phone to hear it… out of mind without […]

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– the next time –

‘Behold my future be- loved… a rare gem that all men will covet. I’ll keep close to my breast, a firm fit for my chest’ – those will be my words the next time. I’ll close down my worn-out well of wishes, for my mouth will be worn out from your kisses. I’ll keep safe […]

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