– serenading jose loco –

There are two Joses at one of my temp jobs; “Jose Loco” is the one my hands work most frequently and efficiently with. Between eyes forever shaped darkly and weighed down and a smile forever light and innocent, Jose Loco could actually be one of the more sane employees on the job. Arriving for my […]

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– $10,000,000 man –

If a cool 10 mil was put into my sweaty palms today, I would love to find belief in the likelihood I’d give up much of the lira and loot. Hand it off to the hands of strangers and strange charities? How strange of me, for family comes first. Madre could see the world and […]

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– sun emoji –

Receive the blessing… receive the charm… receive the message deep in my stronger arm. Retrieve the loving… that I need and want to run that miracle mile. Seeing on the bright side, sun blind in both of my eyes, even stare into the night – why would I run and hide when the magnet is […]

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– yes andre –

If you ask me to help you get away with murder, I’ll simply reply, “yes Andre,” calling you by your first name instead of the middle name you prefer to be called. If you want me to help you steal a car, I’ll simply reply, “yes Andre” to confirm I will always ride AND die […]

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– revisionist history –

The memories that sneak up on my spirit to alarm and silence it? They shock well. They startle often, at times even frighten my flesh into reframing the photographs. “I wasn’t the villain,” says this unreliable narrator. “No, I played the rogue, an antihero worth rooting for. The world spun too fast and furious against […]

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– wrong with us –

We’re the best at wearing our truths patched into our youth as the world watches. Where there’s smoke, there’s wired one-liners born from patterns tried and tired. We’re the best at wearing our scars traced onto our hearts never forgotten. Where there’s drank, there’s real vibrations, sexy time, and salutations… and still we’re the worst, […]

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