– withstand the war –

Built for these fights… damn right you were. 19 and counting, your blood, tears, and mascara have become your war paint. The disasters that are your recurring incidents… the Battle on Divorced Parent Hill, airstrikes of aggressive men, charge after charge of shady counterparts… they have not crush you. The countless other battle scars from your more silent tales of combat are also living […]

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– call you –

Haven’t changed my mind – my thoughts are just more clear now. I will change my words though – make them more sincere now. Express all the love and pain… all the ways I feel the shame. You changed up your time, yet some actions are the same… yet I’ll still call you, I will […]

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– losing the war? –

I cannot wave this white flag… not for the lives lost, not for the lies told, not for the truth’s cost, not for deception sold. ~ They want a war; too obvious  of an agenda – divide, then conquer. Why give them what they desire just because they have a specific power? Why throw the towel in just because they […]

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– absence –

Originally posted on thesewordsiwrite2012:
As I cry here selfishly, I sit and ask, ‘do you think of me?’ Do you think of me? Do you think of me? Do you sit and think of how it used to be?   A dusty Tiffin road… bandanas of orange and green… words that were never told… goals…

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