– liquid. courage. –

Oozing down to the floor, colored in glittered gold, the blushing bleed won’t halt itself. It marches onward with the drip-drop and thank my stars it can’t stop, showing wild wounds like no one else. Don’t try to trip me up now. Don’t cast down on this parade. Don’t you see the blush is bound? […]

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– true and false –

It feels like it was false on my end. The emotion was true, but only after I was given information that permitted it to be. It was grand and generous of you to touch me first. It was grand and generous of you to expose your space to me, even in the most public of […]

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– no pyrrhic victory –

I vanquish these scenarios from the outcome of this “war”. In fact, I burn this illustration of conflict altogether, this lost painting now returned to the galaxy, all of its ashes blown like glitter, like confetti, like stardust from busy hands into a Nikon lens for a fun photo op. There is no need to […]

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– five –

I will meet me halfway, then walk the path all the way. No discount to keep my five fingers sticky – I will pay full price if it means getting the most out of the product. This is not a road meant for all feet to tread upon, the sweet chaotic of a tornado in […]

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– roof over head –

Elements coming for me is elementary be- havior darlin’, desp’rate and starvin’, but I got a roof, got a roof, house to soothe my head and my bones darlin’, until the mornin’.  Come through with the fog, rumble with the smog out here in L.A. darlin’, chemtrails they launchin’, but I got a roof, got […]

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– 1700 arlington –

Either the magic is familiar or the anticipation for its storm is. Once more in the thick of residential security, September sun still shoves through the refusals of September clouds to bestow rays of possibility on this, the present temporary home, the haven for all of us travellers and seekers, spellbound by a circumstance greater […]

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– miss the mark –

It’s fine, Mark. West Covina is not a world away. In being mature and empathetic, your claims that your stay-at-home job has kept your bones busy is relatable and understandable. It’s fine, Mark. West Covina is not a world away. I’ve cleared paths through regular Covina twice now, so I’m certain its westward sister town […]

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