– let it pass through –

I’ve sat in much silence, plotting some final moves… from drowning in rivers, to jumping off ragged roofs. Then, a light creeps through the window, some air flows through the cracks, and my silence turns too loud, for I ain’t proud of this climax, for it ~ shouldn’t have gone this damn far in my head, thinking […]

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– fearless little bastard –

No… consequence… unchained from innocence – breaking ground rules… playing someone’s gui- tar… guitar, while singing along. All… time well spent… with little to no common sense – in kiddie pools… roaring inside a bar… a bar, and drinking so strong. ~ Skinny dipping Saturday, his shorts just ain’t tight… hanging tough one bloody Sunday six stories high… […]

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– by the sea –

Facing the truth of this new war, I stroll to the shoreline and witness just what I need for battle. The waves I see are unwavering, even more so with rays of gold smiling upon them. The rocks I walk upon are unforgiving, maintaining the masculinity of godly men. However… the oxygen I take in is […]

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– give me rejection –

No, no, no, no, no; green can’t always go. Under daylight stripes, there must be a night. Try to take me down like I’m prey, but I’ll fight for another day. So, so, so, so, so, show me broken roads. ~ Wrote a word, wrote a rhyme – cut and gut me with your knife. Fail to get to Level […]

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