– líder –

You were snuffed out on my childhood friend’s birthday. You were lifting your voice above the ruckus that attempted to keep you silent. You were reminding the world that injustice, harm, and disrespect to the community isn’t solely playing out on American soil. You were radioactive with a glow your Afro-Brazilian blood possessed, a mutant […]

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– mangoes –

Be consistent in drinking more water. Make more time to read. Say hello more often to the neighborhood inspirations. Eat more mangoes… eat mangoes period.  ~ ~ D.J.W.

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– the rest of their lives –

These words are not meant to be wrapped around me; I’m just doing my best to unravel this latest development. A pair of lovebirds flew upon me as a unit; I don’t recall them as separate entities. Next generation rebels, horse coats of a different color, they became family to me quickly, easily. Shopping and […]

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– refuge –

I stay for too long in places that both command my legs to take a load off and then demand them to run away screaming. I stay for too long in spaces that resemble joy and comfort, but unmask their realities when claustrophobia sneak attacks me in my most grave moments. I compete for too […]

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– alignment –

I guess the stars know who should be on my team, know who should be shooting for me, out of orbit from my galaxy. Dang’rous and distressed aura, believe my Midwest flora can no longer be weeds born from sick soil so fire up the rockets and launch into dark. A- lign this whole vessel, I’m […]

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– vibes –

I keep to myself at this Hollywood soiree, not out of snobbery, but out of insecurity. Pretty faces hover about the gallery; artwork stands boldly as well. Of course, the most gorgeous piece is the master of ceremonies himself. Mingling in a simple suit, Mr. Falco is a vision that outshines what he illustrates himself […]

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– six feet over –

Today, I dug a grave for my honesty. I figured fiction had more of a right to prosper than fact, the fact that I was neglecting my vessel on the clock, playing the role of dimwit to the importance of self-care. I met the cliff’s edge in regards to burying my bones in the plot, […]

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