– running wicked –

Hobble… now at half- throttle… with these busted shoes and tired moves ’til there’s nothing left. I’m gasping… damn near col- lasping… you try a fair pace in this race with a shortness of breath… yet ~ in the corner of my eye, I catch me a cheetah… it’s cutting corners left and right – […]

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– train to anywhere –

I’ll take a train, take a train, take a train. I’m gonna take a train to anywhere. I’ll make a way, make a way, make a way. I’m gonna make a way chuggin’ I swear ’cause once again, this just ain’t livin’ for me. Once again, I feel derailed. If you have a ticket, please […]

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– soul song –

The drummer hits the count with the strongest rhythm, kick, snare, and hi-hat chillin’, all throughout my bones I feel it. The bass guitar… pulls me down and far into the groove – now I’m lost in my moves. One time for the ivories, ’88 born, 88 keys! Give it up for the horn section; hit it high for […]

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– glutton for punishment –

De- prive myself… de- ny myself… I truly try… and try… and then try some more. I hide myself… just to find myself… while I die… and die… the same as before. ~ It’s not the necessities calling… just my torrid taste buds falling… for the same tricks, all the gimmicks – leave my wallet […]

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