– foggy sunday –

  Any weather in Los Angeles that is not sunny and/or blisteringly hot has become a bit unsettling to me, a bit abnormal it seems. Imagine one Sunday morn looking out of a window to view the most fog-filled day seen since you first stepped foot on California soil. You hear the alarm bell in […]

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– whole wide world –

Turn my fortune around, take on the earth. Walk upon ev’ry ground, take on the dirt. See the rain pouring down, then smell its worth. Gain the new life I found from the whole wide world. I’m walking, my feet are brass. Shine softly, be built to last. Un- guarded, break in kindly. You’re wanted, […]

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– infectious –

Let me make you ill with delight. I’m bizarre, humble, love to sing and dance when there’s no music playing, will pass you tissues when you cry about issues, and I dream like no other. Take the cotton candy from my clouds of magic.  Devour them when needed, most especially on your days filled with […]

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– the language of the unstable –

Hear them on the streets, in the alleys, on the Metro… conversing solely with themselves. Laughter. Ire. Discomfort, with a gibberish only a toddler would understand. I once read on a conspiracy theorist webpage that they are allegedly communicating with the demons of Los Angeles, chosen and tormented because they’re homeless, and who would believe […]

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