– optimism –

- optimism -

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– spirits up –

On the streets, backstabbers draw near to us, thus, strange painted face make me delirious. You, though, are a quite marvel with glow; and only you can raise me from this sewer below.   Will you keep these spirits up, dancing ’round with sweet laughter, in the days of rain, on shallow tides, from here […]

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– a four letter word –

It pains me to say, with such simple dismay, that maybe the idea of love, in its purest, eludes me. Loosely, I am tangled, everyday so mangled, with what I genuinely feel, in its purest, now confuses me. He wants me to show so much, regardless of which neighbor, for the chance to show mercy […]

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– i blame zink –

One bright and brimming August day, the good Lord bestowed upon me a guardian angel. He was plump, cheery, pink as a piglet, and he was called Nicholas. It was actually my good fortune, not to my then knowledge, to be sent to him. The angel had won a prize from the local church raffle, […]

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– the greasiest spoon –

More than just memories, more than blasts from the past, these are fatal delicacies made with torment, anguish, incivility, and regret. Dining in the corners of my mind, I eat up all the plates of what was said and did… and drink up the glasses of what wasn’t. Now, I’m changing eateries and changing diets. […]

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– riding around –

Riding around in the land of the living, riding around and exploring the terrain. Riding when I would be, could be, should be interested in my so-called neighbors’ names.   I hop in, hit the countryside, escaping such dire city life. Could I be avoiding something more? I pass through, barely standing still, fantasizing of travels far from real; so […]

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