– i blame zink –

One bright and brimming August day,

the good Lord bestowed upon me a guardian angel.

He was plump, cheery, pink as a piglet,

and he was called Nicholas.

It was actually my good fortune,

not to my then knowledge, to be sent to him.

The angel had won a prize from the local church raffle,

and I surprised him with his claim at his new habitat.

Alongside him were a mother and brother…

both of whom bore his mutual amusement.

How funny of me not to think then,

think that this protector would be as such my brother.

A little bit of a bother too, but a brother no less.

And for this present day, he would lead me to our brothers.

The brothers who hath reinvigorated my lowly spirit,

who hath given reason to continue on in battle.

My guardian angel, among many, elicits my pride and respect.

Whether he is aware or not, he is a grand blessing…

He is heaven sent.

D.J. Whisenant

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