What demon possesses mere…

What demon possesses mere men… and transforms them into ungodly monsters?

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– all roads –

Coulda been a nomad, travelling for me, myself, & I. Instead, I took the worn out road, travelling to college, no full ride. Woulda been a rockstar, down the highway like a rolling stone. Instead, I stayed a momma’s boy, worshipping care packages far from home. Shoulda been a stripper, ripping off trousers for a Washington or two. […]

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– desperation –

Right now I feel… the comedown from changing faces. Right now I feel… the crowding of open spaces. Right now I feel… the wild innocence that time erases. Yet all I want revealed… is One’s redemption through embraces. Upon this cold wishing star, I, I, I hunger comfort. Wish I may, wish I might, I, I, I […]

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– parting –

A farewell to yesteryear… these simple reminders will no longer simply burn. A farewell to bloody Sundays… this day will be reserved for a new kind of bleeding. A farewell to marigolds… a different flower has bloomed in this garden. A farewell to ramblings of the introverted… one tongue will attempt to always speak freedom. A […]

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– crashing down –

Turbulence is heavy amongst clouds of fire. In my seat, the moments I’ve seen, and those I haven’t, are clear and present. Danger had exposed itself through occasions. My oblivious nature, of course, had exposed itself too.   I lived a fair lifetime; it wasn’t flashy, a fancy diamond of sorts. My lifetime was how […]

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