– what a wonderful lie –

What “life” we have sketched out for ourselves, here in the land of make-believe.   Dream Street is blissful in boredom, picket fences are the most white, and lawns and flowers spell out welcome. We are a common pair in a house of cards, the finest smoking jacket for me, and a dress and apron […]

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– believer –

God is what I witness…   God is what you are illustrated to be. The magnificence of the love you give, for us all and not my soul alone… words cannot justify these actions. You hand me this orchestra, trusting that I’ll conduct symphonies magnetic, symphonies grand? Because I can claim your support, the support […]

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– exposé –

It’s taking a lifetime to shed this skin, so I might as well shed these clothes. Ain’t no voyeur around to come peep in, so that itch in my body knows.   Shame plays its cards, yet in these garbs, I’m held under lock and key. In broad daylight, my soul fits tight, so please […]

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– stuttering starts –

Can’t take these stuttering starts… no, no, no…   Haven’t you heard? This broken bird will fly. Yes, it’s too absurd, for I’ve claimed this many times; Guess the breaking point has come to break me through. Weaker wings I’ve painted in past attempts to leave. Now I pray to see you glad o’er what’s […]

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– mere mortal –

Why would you desire life’s flame forever? Why would you yearn for a never-ending song? Can’t we celebrate the moments here together? Together in these moments we belong.   Why would you desire such godly essence? Why would you outlive loves that showed you truth? Can’t we boldly apply every little lesson? Learn to boldly […]

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– easy hiding, easy lying –

Easy hiding, easy lying, such limited comfort in denying.   This blanket that so easily protects is one riddled with holes, frayed along every edge equally.   Easy hiding, easy lying, such faith in honest souls subsiding.   Desperation in its finest, cowardice has also come to roost, performing an arrogant tag-team.   Easy hiding, […]

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