– the dead sea –

Out in the ocean… doubt on my mind. My love swims in the sea… I’m swept up in the tide. Out in murky waters… shout out for life. When you ditch the lifejacket, trust becomes a salty knife.   I never swam good, so I keep my shoes on, here in the dead sea. On […]

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– walk into the room –

I sit among the party, thinking ‘could’ve been tardy,’ and it’d still suck. From the entrees to the guests, Lord, release me from this mess, but no such luck.   Once the tears of boredom start to fill, I look out for the sweetest, sweetest escape. How can outer apathy make one ill? I feel […]

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– clean again –

What a dirty shame; all your white lies grew dark. What a dirty shame; this tale has turned its arc. My lover, my liar, my sweetest defiler, what a dirty shame… you threw dirt on this heart.   So now I shower down; I wash away untruths. I cleanse your betrayal off to once more […]

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– my texas star –

Getcha, getcha cowgirl hat on; got a rodeo show today. Didcha, didcha sing prairie songs while I pop this champagne? In the Wild West, you ma’am are blessed, high as the noon day sun. Lassoed up though and spurred down so. Once more, the west is won.   Thousands of miles away, you ride in […]

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