– without face –

Another love letter unsent, forwarded to yet another imagined love. The eyes that entice, the arms that invite, the lips that warmly kiss goodnight…   that kiss could belong to any soul now.   Neither hope nor despair can cure what ails; only time will permit healing to prevail. For now, I send this note […]

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– paper fort –

The wild north end of town, the Midwest desert that is home. What mixed forts are these – those that account for growing lots? The world and its ways rode through long ago, pillaging and plundering what it could. And the child bandits left behind? They’ve risen into the light of disarray. Crashing bullets deter […]

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– importance –

Could I be rising any older in my being? Could I be pushing on unwashed in life? In preparation for the third world, reveal what constructions truly contain. Take the dagger out of my eye; climb the upward slope to the sane. These arts have been quite perverted, such wide-eyed betrayals. We’re all artistic bastards […]

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– seeds need –

Planting good seeds in the soil… but the soil spits them back out. Handling good deeds through this toil… in tainted dirt I roam about. With sunlight and water, there’s sense and sensibility. And still within this bloody patch, there’s no sense in sensitivity.   Will roots stand firm? Will they erode to dust? Will […]

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– missionary practice –

Disengage from this burning bed; disengage today. The Midas Touch that costs so much only strengths the delay. Disengage from this burning bed; disengage promptly. Showers so sweet among the sheet are gold that only haunts thee. Disengage from this burning bed; disengage with conviction. Such Lifestyles don’t make the miles, riding shotgun with addiction. […]

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– saboteurs –

Let this be the final example in this hostile home. Condescending. Contradicting. Convoluted are we too. High time has arrived to fend for myself once more. A kind of strength I easily put down often, the survivor’s heart must trudge forward with dignity. Through the perils of precipitation, in and out of this abode, it […]

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