– early to rise –

Early to rise, I’ve hurt myself, yet I turn wise.   Another December morn, another Friday hour, another love born…   power becomes me, in robe and slippers; I uncover me.   Knowledge is lightning, like honey or nectar as dark is tightening.   In pajamas I recite, from a giving soul, these are words […]

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– interaction –

A worthy week of travels… and these are the stories I have been told.   There are beggars and choosers, from Lake Erie to the Ohio River. There are lovers and losers, both bringing forth shivers. There are mothers and grandmothers, buying with their backbones. There are kings and corrupters, refusing to relinquish thrones. There […]

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– open –

No time wasted, none whatsoever – all my eyes have been shut just for these moments. The less I watch, the more I see, a foul atmosphere blind to anyone. Fear still bleeds in my palms, moreover, so does the burden of responsibility. Until this earth shakes, until this body aches, until this blood boils, […]

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– continuance –

Another dead end that I believed in, I sought truth in numbness. Not taking caution in warning signs, or pretending to, I was a man on fire in the land of make-believe, while others elsewhere showed strange, painted faces. Being attracted to the idea of being loved, I have discovered life in loving myself. I […]

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