– i’ll remember –

You made me a lightweight, today and every day, but I can’t label it as regret. Here now, I concentrate, in each and every way, on the labels that I should forget. You didn’t kill me, so I guess I’m stronger… too bad memories make me bleed much longer. Still I can’t, no I won’t… […]

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– the big chill –

Further and further away, the big chill rises. Like the most tragic of tornadoes, the air whips and rips and shifts…   a late night thrill-turned-early morning kill.   Further and further you stay, and the chill grows ten sizes. Like the most tragic of relationships, time breaks and shakes and awakes…   freezing my […]

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– somebody’s mistress –

Somebody’s mistress… has seen drier eyes, yet now all she does… is breaks down and cry. Somebody’s mistress… has seen better days, but now she’s complicit… in adulterous games.   Ruby red lipstick… and long eyelashes… tries to break away quick… but once more crashes. Such a wild beauty… hard with the kisses… yet she’s […]

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– transforming energy –

We don’t die, we don’t die, we don’t die… we just move on to another plain, so please don’t cry, please don’t cry, please don’t cry… for there could be so much more to gain.   I was scared for so long, scared of forces unknown. I was helpless for sure, couldn’t stand on my […]

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– color scheme –

If my skin was lighter, if my skin was brighter, could I then play the “harmless black boy” role? If my eyes were so blue, if my hair was blonde too, would gaining your objective view not be too bold? How tragic, as you can tell, I’m made from cocoa and caramel, wooly hair… and […]

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– home –

Up and out of bed… no, it’s nothing like before, especially in the deceptive January air, fragrant with grim life and all it “has to offer”. What still possesses me to even try now? His grace should be the best thing, the only thing… but there is a foul sense of hope that could not […]

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