– clique –

If dreams will not prepare you…

perhaps Blue Moon will.

The “ware-home” was splendid in its basic chic.

The guests were soulful in their complex movement.

This was a night of emoting and floating and hoping…

hoping for actions that were not in anyone’s best interest.


Not all members of the posse were present;

some had other victories to take on in worlds away.

For the teammates that were in attendance,

time had made them more ethereal…

which somehow made their spirits more glorious.

While the haze from my stupor may have played its part,

at least none took my crazed demeanor to heart.


What I pray they took was my love,

wretched, yet always genuine.

What a danger it is to have human idols,

but what do you do when surrounded by godlike creatures?

A blonde beauty queen,

the curly-haired child of a politician,

a leader against blight,

the greatest of young teachers,

a woman who shares your unique sensibility,

and the pastiest of white men in underwear…


they are just as mortal as I am,

they are just as mistake-prone as I am.


And here on this morning of mornings,

the dawn of a new era,

I look at them with more than respect.

They are blossoms that have rightfully bloomed,

growing from the concrete and ashes of adolescence,

and into the sunlight amongst an adult landscape.


Even under a dim Blue Moon,

this clique just might burn the brightest.  

D.J. Whisenant


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