– (un)repeat the action –

Scampering through the bloom… I came upon a carrot or two. When obtaining such a treat… such a trap clenched my feet. The hunter came into view… my mind then scampered with doom. My captor picked me up by my ears… and boy what a threat did I hear.   I bit the abuser, who dropped me, and […]

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– thompson park –

Walking around in another realm, attempting to find reason, but I’m fine just walking around, out from the prison I know. Walking around in another realm, in the birth of a new season, just in time for the sweet sound of new flowers that’ll grow.   Even with weeds, I pace through the hills and […]

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– this ain’t livin’ –

I sleep until whenever, I type until whenever, and intimacy forever strays. I sit on my endeavors, and ties are slowly severed, wasting light until the end of days.   This ain’t livin’… when your heart can’t trust, so shame is a must, and regret runs deep. This ain’t livin’… when your love’s unheard, and hope loses words – […]

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– veils –

I got a devil underneath these clothes, my goodness how it howls, snarling and hungry forever vicious. You got a devil underneath those clothes, my goodness how it prowls, hunting and preying for fear delicious.   What is hidden behind the curtain, the most glorious shade of black? Perhaps the world may never tell. While shades are […]

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– dream date –

Always told myself I could never fall in love, afraid of hurting myself. Always told myself I’m better off alone, not needing anyone else. Of course I need love to grow, need to let emotion show, when it’s all said and done. There isn’t too much I know, but I cannot just help but hope… that […]

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