– roots –

One day down in Alabama,

I’ll recognize the tree,

my history…

the story of my clan.

The branches of this plant will tell a million stories,

tales just as compelling as the trunk of origin.

The leaves in the sunlight will shine in such glory,

the writings of my background will start to ascend.

They’ll be narratives of prosperity and hardship,

novels about laughter and sobbing,

notes on happiness and heartache.

Naturally, the roots will go past southern soil,

seeping beyond the dark color of my complexion,

exposing the universal truth about family.

Better yet, it will expose how far a family can run,

how high a dynasty can climb,

how tall a tree can grow. 

One day down in Alabama,

perhaps I’ll find the seed,

my beginning…

the story of my being.



D.J. Whisenant

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