– patience is killing me –

Patience is killing me…

with a sharp, lethal knife,

using this deadly device…

to claim this timid life.

Patience is killing me…

with a cold, Arctic stare.

Now, I’m frozen in the air…

without love, without care.


Patience was once my

closest lover, and

we just took our time,

to discover when

good things come to those,

those who wait, there is

some… re-… ward.

Now the tides have changed,

now I see the light.

Patience steals my heart,

in the dead of night,

and I’m bleeding out,

left alone lying

on… the… floor.


Patience is killing me…

with a poison that’s so ill,

an acid that burns to kill…

yet I love my Patience still.

Patience is killing me…

making a fool out of our love,

kept me waiting in disgust…

guess I’ve waited long enough.


Patience was once my

truest confidante,

gave me all I need,

gave me all I want.

Now all that I had,

Patience came here to

take… it… back.

Next lifetime I won’t

be generous and kind.

Next time Patience won’t

leave me deaf and blind.

When Patience preys next,

I’ll be waiting here

to… at… tack.


Patience is killing me…

Patience is killing me…


Lord, it’s killing me…



D.J. Whisenant


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