– it’s raining amish –

Ohio turned into the wetlands one fine spring evening, Ohio turned into a Midwest swamp. I was passing through the north as a means of breathing, passing ’cause clarity is all I want.   Down a narrow road or two came buggies one by one, even folks walking along the road. They used the simplest […]

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– saint nicholas –

You got to move on… fight devils on the border. You got to stand strong… retain dignity, maintain order. My good brother Nicholas, the highest of the heroes – although your stance is quite missed, you still rise up from zero.   You got to move out… battle ’til that war is won. Do not stand about… ’til you beat […]

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– dead man’s chest –

There’s a hole in your heart, boy, better patch it up! There’s a hole in your heart, and it’s deeper than the sea. There’s a hole in your heart, boy, better sew it up ’cause they won’t miss you for long once you’re nappin’ six feet.   The sickening scenes replay through my eyes… what unsavory sadness […]

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– no italiano –

Would Signorina McVicker scold me? Hmmm… probably. Those words though do not move me now… except the dirty one… “puttana.” Feels like a million planets away from that classroom, feels like a billion words away from what I was taught. Would it not do me a world of good to retrace my steps? Should it not make sense […]

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– fathers –

Julian’s papa came off as a troubled man… struggling to overcome the town. Julian’s papa swam in muddy waters then… but for his kids, that man stayed around. My dear papa was indeed a troubled man… worried about his playboy swagger true. My dear papa swam in muddy waters then… but his love and care… I […]

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– i hugged a tree –

Just a simple walk in the park, just a simple talk in my mind. Just the evening sun raining shadows, and some kind of fun just left behind.   The world of Twitter brought to me an Ohio woman who hugged trees. I opened myself to possibility… but plant affection? Too damn silly.   So, the […]

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– timing –

ZAP!… POW!… ZAP!… POW!… (ZAP!) You seem to cross my mind… (POW!) and now you’re on my screen. (ZAP!) One jog around my brain… (POW!) then it’s a magazine. Strange occurrences are nothing new… how you just pop up out of the blue. (ZAP!) A simple word connect… (POW!) while minding my world… (ZAP!) then you […]

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