– heathen –

Up at Dez’s house,
at the stroke of midnight,
it’s a backyard gang,
strangers and friends alike.
With JVP’s hat on,
I chug down some Coors light,
dancing in the air,
as my Uncle Chris recites…
something about communication,
the internet, and conversation.
With a fiery glow…
I chug some mo’… and
swaying with anticipation,
caught in drunken jubilation,
tonight I dare…
to rejoice without care.

Blunts are passed around…
beers are pouring down…
bands are rockin’ out –
love’s what it’s all about.
Just before 1:00 A.M….
my buzz has now kicked in…
under an Ohio moon…
won’t leave too soon.
And you could call me a heathen…
but a good time’s just what I needed.
Under such a dim Ohio moon…
if I leave this love, it won’t be too soon.


D.J. Whisenant


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