– down –

If I tumble down this mountain,

will you tumble with me?

Rush downward with the avalanche I may go.

As I prepare to leave this world alone,

I confess it is not my ideal circumstance.

I confess that I wanted to love,

to love genuinely,

to love passionately,

to love thoroughly,

to love without regret …

even if such love was not delivered back to my door.

In the event of a rescue,

I hope our heads can be held above the snowfall.

If there is a notion known as a ‘graceful fall’,

perhaps it stands because you may fall with me,

therefore standing alongside me.

Pity my soul all you want;

I’ve seen myself at my bloodiest,

the blood that drenches the snowflakes in crimson.

If you can fall as I fall,

you just might see what I saw.

Then, our love could ski the same slope.


we could overcome this avalanche.



D.J. Whisenant


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