– that day will come –

To call myself a man of action,

to say I’m the one who gets it done…

what a tricky definition for me it is,

but soon and very soon, that day will come.


I meant it when I stated, ‘patience is killing me’,

for I am tired of being poisoned so sweetly.

An echo my soul can barely take in,

let alone dish out any longer,

I will walk, run, jump, skip, ski, swim…

well, I’ll have to learn how to ski first.

Oh no… I need to learn how to swim too!


my bones itch for motion with each declaration,

an event that will feed my excitation – 

and not my apathy.


And when that day comes,

I know the sacrifice will be great in tears,

yet greater in the resulting rebirth.

When that day comes,

my bird will fly higher than any winged creature

and will sing sweeter than any piper.

When that day comes,

the sky will marry the sun and the moon in celebration,

commending efforts undefined by the parameters of the universe.


Yes, that day will arrive on the back of a glorious beast…

the predator that uses what it has been given to survive…

the animal that is highly feared and equally revered…

the man who is living to act instead of existing in his inaction.



D.J. Whisenant


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