– midnight kingdom –

Been around these parts

on occasion, out of thrill,

out of frustration.

The heights never fail to impress,

due to the hills upon which this kingdom

was constructed.

Majesty… mystery… and

probable misery

crawl throughout the valleys,

leaving intrigue masking imprisonment. 


Any inkling of a supernatural draw,

from the rivers that flow unassuming

or the skyscrapers that just barely touch the clouds,

would neither shock nor confound me.

This nation is flooded with cities such as this,

with a special charm that invites you in…

and spooky secrets that further enchant you.

If I were to take the leap, 

aware I may either make ado about nothing…

or will be on the right track towards exposure,

it would possibly be the end of me – 

a young man trapped by his paranoia…

a young man lost in the kingdom. 



D.J. Whisenant


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