– watch me now –

I enter

deeper… into the…

hurricane’s eye…

sailing with no common

sense. I enter

deeper… into the…

final goodbye…

sailing at safety’s ex-

pense. The


signs have reared their ugly selves…

for a little too long, and

just when I wonder if this ship can hold…

if it’s hurricane strong,

the answer pops –




and peace stands still –

to my




Winds can blow my sails 

any which way,

but this vessel will not break –

it will not bow.

Storms never prevail,

so this I say:

if the eye is here to take –

come watch me now.  


Look, look, look…

view all you can, and you’ll

witness the true heart of

one crazy man. Go and

stare, stare, stare…

gaze won’t you please? For this

water rushing in won’t bring me

down to my knees.



D.J. Whisenant


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