– on the floor –

Vic switches on the Netflix,

and H. Jon Benjamin thrills us.

Popcorn and lemonade,

popcorn and lemonade,

nightly fun indoors,

yet we lay in the shade.

The get-together moves into mellow pastures

as Pandora plays her new age melodies.

I’m on the floor,

I’m on the floor –

no J. Lo or Pitbull needed

as minds and souls soar.

We speak of the pressing issues of our day

and chuckle at the somebodies we used to know.

In the midnight hour,

in the midnight hour.

we finish to subtle lullabies

in their graceful power.

A goodnight we bid to each other

as Caroline states her parental stance.

I’m out the door,

I’m out the door,

stars in the heavens, eyes,

hands, hearts, and more.



D.J. Whisenant


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