– no surrender –

I tried to take the road of physical ferocity,

one paved in bullets, fists, swords, even words.

I almost wish I could express sorrow in not advancing;

what an easy way out it would have been

Although I did not have it in me to begin fisticuffs,

it was this road that exposed to me the ultimate weapon.

This world and its army will not rest in battle.

This world and its forces will never surrender easily.

Their supplies of hate will never run dry.

Therefore, I must stay equipped with love.

As the stars drown into the black dome,

an endgame is what I must prepare for.

Standing upright on the field,

weapon in hand,

I will strike fast and strike hard,

attacking until my bones give out.

They’re not waving their white flag…


why the hell should I wave mine?



D.J. Whisenant


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