– a prayer for colleen and manuel –

A blonde muse and her Latin lover…

no bad jokes here…

just one of many a thread in this neverending fabric.


Hard as I try,

I falter in explanation of their kind of love –

maybe because it is not my love…

maybe because I’ve never had such a love at all.

Why some duos generally struggle more than others…

understanding eludes me.

So what can I conceive?

The reasons why the souls of a Craig and an Esparra crossed – 





such ingredients could be found

in this love potion tonight.

The joy of one’s younger years feels warmer

when joy is shared with an equally young mate.

What could be seen as simple and saccharin-like

could end up as THE greatest romance of our generation.

That is why I hope comfort keeps them here and now.

That is why I pray this prayer:


In the warmth of summer, 

Glory reign on,

Give these birds much time,

Flying from the dawn.

In the days of sunlight,

Glory shine through,

Give faith to youthful hearts,

Bleeding while blood is still good. 




D.J. Whisenant

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