– elsewhere in america –

Is there a struggling poet in Eastport, ME right now reaching for truth? What about in Henderson, NV? Pensacola, FL perhaps? Some crafty soul is desperate to find meaning through words in Eureka, CA; this I believe. Is a twentysomething wordsman walking through Leavenworth, KS in this moment, at this present time, just to seek inspiration?   […]

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– six-day sinner –

On a Monday, I am slothful… laziness be thy name. On a Tuesday, hear my wrath call – no time to play nice. On a Wednesday, yes, I speak greed – playing the payday game, and on a Thursday, envy has peaked… doubt makes me think twice.   Oh Lord, the Friday stench turns my […]

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– excursion –

Where the lips of August and September meet, I should take my leave. This trip to wherever should clear my mind, like the proper amount of wine through the system. New sights and sounds and souls…   will you join in my getaway?     D.J. Whisenant

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