– hit a wall –

The momentum from June was distinguishable.



Grand with emotion, expression, excitement,

the words to paint my life came naturally.

And then…

the ashes of July just sat there…

and sat there…

and sat there…

and sat there some more.

I had some fine work here and there,

crafted to pick up steam,

designed to recapture the magic of the month of June.

Silly me…

June 2013 has come and gone.

Such a time in life is irreplaceable…

every droplet of life is irreplaceable.

Instead of replicating June,

I should have focused on July…

building the scrapbook,

drawing new and strange works

from new and strange situations.

Making birthday cards was cathartic…

an epic consumption of time,

but a healing that helped me.

Now, August has come to visit…

and the momentum has more than sputtered away.

No fire.

No danger.

Nothing grand…

just natural.

D.J. Whisenant


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