– six-day sinner –

On a Monday, I am slothful…

laziness be thy name.

On a Tuesday, hear my wrath call –

no time to play nice.

On a Wednesday, yes, I speak greed –

playing the payday game,

and on a Thursday, envy has peaked…

doubt makes me think twice.


Oh Lord, the Friday stench

turns my stomach on,

with Saturday night fevers

to light my passions strong.

On a Sunday is where I stand…

no pride held in my hand.

Yet living with common sin…

let’s take it to the top again!


On a Monday, my bed’s too warm,

the daylight barely coos.

On a Tuesday, ready to swarm

as discord gives way.

On a Wednesday, gotta get cash –

the color green soothes.

With “pals”, can’t give congrats;

it’ll ruin my Thursday.


Point me to the nearest Wendy’s,

Denny’s, or Mickey D.’s.

Then, I’ll burn my sheets up

playing such illicit dreams.

Sunday morn then shows its face,

replacing ego with His grace.

Yet living with common sin…

the cycle just won’t end.



D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– six-day sinner –

  1. Title perfect commentary for far too many people who claim to be Christians .Charitable living is an all the time affair not just for Sunday. Many of us fudge on Sunday too, however. Since the liquor store opens at 1 o’clock and the football games start at i o’clock, gotta leave church a little early .

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