– something happy –

Don’t want to write about the random soreness in my thighs… don’t want to reveal the cracks and crevices in my skin… don’t want to discuss the continued longing in my heart…   what about the love I have for my family? That’s something nice and positive and clichéd I could write about.     D.J. Whisenant […]

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– planet Y –

My oxygen is running out, as I stand on the soil I thought I knew somewhat well. I’d love to feel as if this trippy community thrilled me, while I aid my “fellow extraterrestrials” around me, while the stars shoot spiritedly around this rock. I am overwhelmed though with a sense of alientation, as I space hop to and fro, taking in the atmosphere, […]

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– bloody black –

I cannot deny the thought has not crossed my mind at some sad point… why was I made in a brown model? With dark chocolate skin, Hershey’s-flavored eyes, and hair set like wool, this appearance is one I forever possess, here in a realm that forever condemns what sticks to my bones.   Of course, the […]

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