59 Caddy

I really enjoyed the writer’s description of the vehicle in this piece; makes me want one myself. HA!

Poesy plus Polemics

sweeping sleek from her regal medallion
gently tapered along to her sexy tail
svelte animal taming testosterone highways
on fat gleaming wide whitewall tires

a hood you could dance on all night
capped her deep-notched two-layered grille
eight classy front lights sculpted into
cool elegant cowls of glistening chrome

tailfins racing with length and flown high
couching dual pairs of red bullet taillights
rear v-grille that echoed the front
topped her bumper-ports bold twin exhausts

mirror-deep black as could ever be black
encased rolled and pleated red leather
hydromantic three-ninety V-8 laid her
twenty-one feet and her near seven beam

had accelerant power to make rockets smile
she gave effortless high-speed smooth cruising
I loved best to drive with her top buttoned down
and a curvy blonde’s hair in the breeze

I always thought she would obliterate all
those new foreign imported nuisances
ugly scurrying rodents just got in my…

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