– bloody black –

I cannot deny the thought has not

crossed my mind at some sad point…

why was I made in a brown model?

With dark chocolate skin,

Hershey’s-flavored eyes,

and hair set like wool,

this appearance is one I forever possess,

here in a realm that forever condemns

what sticks to my bones.


Of course, the idea of a blond-haired,

blue-eyed Donté Jamal Whisenant

is laughable…


a tad bit on the pathetic side of the coin.


I cannot deny the possibility we are all made in

the image of someone or something greater than us…

if only we all could act as if this were a fact.



D.J. Whisenant


6 thoughts on “– bloody black –

  1. we are only made in the image,
    and that image
    is flawed.
    we will reflect our judgement of self
    onto others,
    with different eyes or skin or nation,
    and hope to raise ourselves up
    and gain justification
    in the sacrifice
    of Truth.

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