– damn these dreams –

Somebody said, “if your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough.” Well let me tell you my dreams have got me shook… my mind just turns to dust. These bubbles that should be sweeter than a nightmare… they shake my peace of mind day and night. Try to make ideas reality with caution […]

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– in my vicinity –

The fall claims its frost… but the heart’s once more aflame. Capturing my eyes… a cosmic creature with no name. The type of gift delivered to me… or a type of temptation forever haunting? Either way, the glass wall comes down, shielding around, here comes my frown… but your type of scent smells too damn […]

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– sirens in the night –

Not too distant from my window pane, that sound, that alarming, agitating noise, is too familiar to feverish ears…   Who bit the bullet this time?   Was there a child taken too soon this time?   How many unnecessary squad cars hit the scene this time?   Where in the house were the drugs […]

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– plans for survival –

Fortify this vessel with balance. Burn any doubt with great malice. The fall season is painted in blue, so here is what I need to do:   Eat my cereal like I’m at a buffet… sip my water like I’m drunk all day… dance in my undies like I just got paid… and whip my […]

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