– the 228th night –


sisters are in top form, on the

228th night,

showing me the time of my

25 year-old world. The

dinner and drinks are paid for, with

barbecue tasting so right, and the

city meets the suburbs as the

summer madness unfurls. I


skate into the twilight, ‘cause

I rock at the disco, just

me and my crew –

spreading our love. On the

228th night, we

dance like it’s a peep show, just

living for now and ne-

glecting what was. My


brother Gouda joins in, on the

228th night,

congratulating me for a-

nother year won. We

hit the downtown concrete, with

O’Donold’s in our sight, yet

fate reveals a secret door to

a concert of fun. I


drink into the twilight, ‘cause

why now should I say no? With

me and my gang –

there is no fuss. On the

228th night, we

creep, but it’s O.K. though, just

laughing right now, ‘cause

laughing’s a must.


O how high the moon,

under August stars.

Joy wraps ‘round me too,

greatest joy by far.

Friendly faces light the way,

ice cream too, if I do say.

Don’t tell me the party’s done and

done… I


type into the twilight, ‘cause

writing words is a go. My

friends have tapped out –

though they were grand. On the

228th night, they

gave the best birthday show and

kept my heart in top form, for

love was the plan.



D.J. Whisenant


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