– a dozen or so animal heads –

We were in need of a whole day…

all we got were a whole 45 minutes.

In this compressed frame,

we witnessed the employee-made pieces,

some subtle,

some dynamic,

all varied expressions of creativity and craftsmanship

against ghost white walls

in a cleanly, friendly basement.

Up the stairs we went,

into the lobby of a broad space

molded into a modern, urban castle.

In the main atrium, the animal heads came into view,

a dozen or so,

apes and dragons and bears… OH MY!

Can’t recall the exact material used,

but I saw them all as colossal shapes of stone,

held on stands, 10 feet or so off the floor.



fervent with a raw quality the other exhibits did not possess.

Sure, there were relics on display too,

representing Africa, Italy, the Middle East,

blah, blah, and blah.


What a comedown in under 45 minutes.



D.J. Whisenant


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