– bless you november –

Many reasons to misbehave… pacing in my boots night and day, and as snows falls, how my demon calls, still tempting ‘til pain is left. Another volatile fall break… for my soul you always wanna take, but No- vember… please remember – I’ve taken you back myself.   Oh I do wish you well, here […]

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– ma –

If I did not have a single mother, it would have been some other struggle. For all the qualities of which I felt shame over the years, I know now she tried. If I did not have a single mother, It would have been woe of some other. For all the fightin’ and fussin’ which […]

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– sheets –

Wrapped in sheets, with my blinds wide shut, it is not just these November clouds that encourage distress – it is Mother Nature, so irate – you’re thrilled with frenzied mess… Wrapped in sheets, ‘cause I feel fed up, it is not just this cozy bed that is weighing me down – it is shadowed […]

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