– bittersweet bridge –

Bittersweet bridge, a

connect ‘tween heaven and hell,

bedlam’s where I live, a

hornet’s nest, I can tell. Make

love on Angel’s Rock, then

party with the devil himself. Blood

chases never stop… will

I ever catch my breath?


Cries are constantly hollow,

what a cross we here bear.

Claim there’s just One we follow,

while another’s Cup we share.

Wishin’ I’d leave tomorrow,

knowin’ I’d never dare.

Bless this bittersweet sorrow,

as if you even care.



D.J. Whisenant


5 thoughts on “– bittersweet bridge –

  1. The rhythm of your words tends to flow like “Alfred, Lord Tennyson”. If you should choose to compare it to his, look into a poem he wrote titled “All in All”. This is a very good poem you wrote.

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