The last post of 2013

What can I type about the things I have gone through this year? As a writer, as a son, as a friend, as a technically unemployed bum… 2013 actually expanded on what I thought was a simple, foolish dream in 2012. I had several new experiences (thank God for deep-fried Oreos), and I accepted several […]

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– more means… –

Awareness is haunting when you take inaction. Freedom is daunting when guilt’s a distraction. It isn’t about wanting more… it’s about needing it. It isn’t about starving risk… it’s about feeding it.   More means falling off the edge to find some harmony.  More means calling for a pledge and trust your honesty. More means […]

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– sprung from disdain –

Will there be, will there be an evolution in both of us?   You cling to apathy like a babe clings to mama’s bosom. Meanwhile, a type of fear from my lungs I cop to pushin’. In another go-around, or on some parallel plain, we would grow twined in crime, our goals would share a […]

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– teacher, teacher –

Shaping young minds one question at a time, they ask, prescribe, to mold and define.   Screw these lesson plans, and to hell with a syllabus! A paint-by-numbers philosophy means education for none of us. Inspire… enlighten… communicate with fizz… don’t dismiss our wonder with a standard pop quiz.     D.J. Whisenant

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– bookstore –

Making a trail, ‘round and ‘round, through a suburban B&N. My manic mind runs ‘round and ‘round ‘til my words they call again. As I read the maps in back, Lorde she sings a simple song. Then I pass an aid collection, re- minding me where I belong.   ‘Be A Better Poet,’ ‘Character Development,’ […]

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