– unofficial official plea for help –

I lift my hand to the


here from the hollow I’m hanging


The glow blinds my vi-

sion, and rightfully so…a

radiance I’ve seen on too many oc-


resulting in too many fru-


crying over too little jubi-

lation… yet

pride always sedates me when it

should motivate me…

pride keeps me locked in the



Cover in dirt and things, the earth and

things… I lift my hand to the



sense of unworthiness attacks

me… as I regain my



sweet it would be to take the

hand the light extends, per-

haps this tattered soul would

then fully mend, and I’d

never, never, ever, ever,

fall down below… a-




D.J. Whisenant


7 thoughts on “– unofficial official plea for help –

  1. Rare when a person sees pride as a negative within one’s own introspection. Pride that falsely deceives us into superiority is a real character defect. On the other hand I am proud that I try my best at each task and redo and redo it until itis as perfect as I can make it knowing my limitations. Pride in craftsmanship is not negative.

  2. Have read this several times over the past 2 days…really made me think and so beautifully written. “My sense of unworthiness” is the root of false pride so often misinterpreted at being pompous. How we struggle and suffer in silence and all too often misjudged. Lovely piece!!!

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