– days and days –

Days and days…

weeks and weeks…

you ain’t been gone

long enough. Rivers

ain’t run dry… sun

still burns high… your

absence just ain’t

strong enough. My


hair ain’t grow long enough

(not even pass my shoulder), and

bacon I cooked’s still warm,

(nowhere close to colder). If you’re

lookin’ for some tears from these

two brown eyes…

find another pair, please

find another pair.


Weeks and weeks…

months and months…

feels like you’re hangin’

‘round still. Some

seasons change… rooms

rearranged… seems

like you’re roamin’

town still. My


nails ain’t grow long enough

(still chewin’ on ‘em though), and

bees ‘round here still swarm,

(to sleep they won’t go). If you’re

gonna come back ‘round for what

was left behind…

return if you dare, please

return if you dare.



D.J. Whisenant

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