– genuinely untitled, 1 & 2 –

The following picture is the first page from one of the journals that I write in. I was spending quality nerd time with my sisters Vickey & Liz at a local Barnes & Noble last night. Vickey, a high school teacher, was working on her lesson plans, and Liz, a college senior, was working on a class project. Because I’m just some bum-like writer, I figured I’d bring one of my journals with me and write some new poems. It turned out to be a very productive afternoon, and as I was looking over previous work, I noticed the date under the poem on the very first page – “12/30/09”. Lo and behold, it had been exactly four years since I started writing in that particular journal (a Christmas gift from my brother Lukas)! I showed this to my sisters, and upon reading the poem on the page, Vickey suggested I write a response to it. What you are about to see is, in my opinion, an example of personal growth. Sure, I still get feelings of love confused with flashes of lust, but at least I’m not deluded or desperate about it now (I hope not anyway). So, without further ado, check it out:

- genuinely untitled, 1 & 2 -


6 thoughts on “– genuinely untitled, 1 & 2 –

  1. I think it is excellent in finding a poem from the past and re working them. In recent days I have discovered a cache of poems I wrote back in the early 1970’s, yes I know I must have been ten years old back then, I wish, but I have taken great delight in looking back over hem and re working them, and like you seeing the growth that has occurred in my own writing. I hope to post some in the coming days. Well done to you I say.

      1. Thanks, it’s been an interesting process, especially trying to remember the context of some of them.
        Some are back in my courting days, yes I did court once. Some them I have left, not sure if I want to go there again.

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