– teacher, teacher –

Shaping young minds one

question at a time,

they ask, prescribe, to

mold and define.


Screw these lesson plans, and

to hell with a syllabus! A

paint-by-numbers philosophy means

education for none of us.

Inspire… enlighten…

communicate with fizz…

don’t dismiss our wonder with a

standard pop quiz.



D.J. Whisenant


10 thoughts on “– teacher, teacher –

  1. Very well said. I’m with you, education is about inquiry, and facilitating the learning of the students in your class. That and the most important factor of all, the relationships you establish with your students, most important they like being in your class. hanks a good poem, and being a teacher, I know a little about how it works, at least how it worked in my classroom. Well done.

      1. well thank you, my students made a video about me, unbeknowns to me, and in it they make it clear what they thought of me and that word awesome is used a lot. I found it very humbling. So thank you again.

  2. Most teachers were: read the chapter, take lecture notes, study the test -pass or fail. Kids that are 2-5 years behind grade level in reading don’t have a chance and the philosophy increases the drop out rate. I often gave substitute grades for drawing maps and scenes and making posters. Instead of learning a chapter lets forcus on just five things in the chapter and learn them well. Tests open note and told them essay questions ahead of time and expected 3 good paragraphs instead of two pages. They learned. They felt like they could succeed. And they stayed in school. I also hand wrote letters home to parents when the kid did a good job.

  3. Hear, hear! Communication and learning can never be one-size-fits-all. And if they could, what a dull and awful world this would be. I am glad there’s so much more to us than that! 🙂

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