The last post of 2013

2013-12-31 14-58-57.828 (2)

What can I type about the things I have gone through this year? As a writer, as a son, as a friend, as a technically unemployed bum… 2013 actually expanded on what I thought was a simple, foolish dream in 2012. I had several new experiences (thank God for deep-fried Oreos), and I accepted several truths about myself, the most important I believe to be is my definite calling as a writer. I probably would have not come to this conclusion soon enough had it not been for and the peers I connected with because of creating and using it.

Thank you to everyone who read, liked, critiqued, and spread the word about my work. I feel more confident with each day that I share more and more of my story with you all through my poetry. The fact that this past month has been a record-setter for this blog in terms of views and visitors doesn’t hurt either. Additionally, I would also like to thank my fellow bloggers for sharing the passionate work they’ve posted throughout the year. For most of them to expose themselves through their writing, be it fictional or factual, was quite the experience for someone like myself. The inspiration their words consistently give me is surreal, and I cannot begin to imagine what compelling stories they will tell over the next 365 days.

In 2014, if I am alive and not laying down in a ditch somewhere on New Year’s Day, I promise to push myself even further as a writer. That will also mean presenting my work outside of WordPress more often and attempting to get it published in other venues. It will not be easy, but I believe whatever happens is meant to happen. In conclusion, I wish you all the happiest 2014 you could be blessed with, and I will (hopefully) see you all on the other side!



5 thoughts on “The last post of 2013

  1. Probably not a good idea to think you will earn a living writing . At least not for now. With my cartoons which are usually pretty good I have had a few published in mags and made $300 in two decades. My book is out and with almost 1,000 blog followers I have sold 4 to date making $1.47 royalty on each. One very very prominent cartoonist, I can’t recall his name, explained to me that there may be 200 cartoonists on the entire planet that earn their living cartooning. He said if the average good cartoonist can make $1,5000-$3,000 in a year that’s fairly respectable. For now you have to earn a living. I do think you have a talent for writing so perhaps you may find a job where you do a lot of writing although it is
    business not literature. You always have those abilities. My son is a college grad from 10 years ago still making $7.25 an hour because he can’t pass a piss test to get a real job. I am so glad I put in 33 years in teaching with a Florida pension and social security and never having to worry about income now. Don’t waste this time. You’d probably make a good English teacher or reading teacher. DJ even St Paul who wrote most of the New Testament of our Lord Jesus had jobs to support himself. Though he never earned a cent he is the most widely read person in the entire Western World. You are a poet and not some roses are red kid but you won’t make a living blogging.Good luck.

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