– slick distraction –

They perish everyday, a tragedy everyday, taken down young and old… the bullets shot and came, blood spilt all the same, massacred as we now know… yet the talk on the tip of ev’ry little tongue is gossip, glitz, glam, and Glee. The shadows lounging in front of me… the shady show playing in front […]

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– 2114 –

In a hundred years or so, will these words here change your life? Will you please put down the knife, and start over again? With a hundred years to go, will my words here be enough? When your stance needs to get tough, could I be a helping hand?   Go forth, sons and daughters. […]

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– waiting for no one –

Snowy night at a cramped bar, I de- cided to test the fates. It was a random event by far, yet I longed to be en- gaged. So I tried a new drink, and barely got drunk. I chased the house noise to distract the hunt, for I… was… drinking… for two. Dim lights darkened […]

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