– waiting for no one –

Snowy night at a cramped

bar, I de-

cided to test the

fates. It was a

random event by

far, yet I

longed to be en-

gaged. So I

tried a new drink, and

barely got drunk. I

chased the house noise to

distract the hunt, for

I… was… drinking… for


Dim lights darkened the

sight, with the

TVs on some sports

game, I just

texted with all of my

might, hoping

response would be your

name. As I

finished my drink ‘fore

1 o’clock, the

noise died down, I

sank and rot, for

I… was… drinking… for



Hope against all


dreams against all


timing told me


yet I still pre-


Hope against all


dying with the


leaving empty


at a crowded




D.J. Whisenant

9 thoughts on “– waiting for no one –

  1. I really like this Ms JD (hope that is a reason title for you). You create the sense of longing and expectation very well. Is there a reason why you structure your poems the way toy do, like splitting words across lines? I do enjoy reading your posts. Michael

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