– my black history –

  early-mid 1960s: (Clockwise from top left) Aunt May, Ma, Aunt Nita, and Aunt Mamie   The names and dates run together, eventually. Is it shameful in shunning weather? Yep, probably. Luckily, I do recall, a dark and lovely tale not tall – four sisters hunting for better, in harmony.   In low and smoky […]

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– mother and father –

1989 – Me with Dad and Ma in (somewhat) happier times. What a state of affairs I’m in, far from the road to ruin, yet surviving on stalled travels, like I know what I’m doin’. The child in me cannot agree… with the sun and the moon of my being. What blurred pictures am I […]

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– would you like to dance? –

Wallflowers nowadays, with ev’ry timid gaze, will sometimes misbehave, when the right beat comes along. I notice ‘round the floor, (all the) cool kids try to score, (then you) walk right through the door – and suddenly I find the right song.   Never truly ask for much… but I got the strangest hunch… you […]

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– all about the hype –

Cupid has flown away, but doubt’s still out to play, leav’n rose petals around, smashed choc’lates on the ground. A treat I just can’t eat… a card too bittersweet, but when the redness fades… once more – a simple day.   A single simpleton I… am now; I can’t… stand how I know better, yet […]

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