– come and go –

Dreams don’t dim the truth; re-

ality fades my fantasy. I

squander days of youth, a fa-

tality thought as “meant to be”. It

comes and goes… yes it

comes, and it goes.


Some words start the storm, and

I crash into rocky shore, then I

settle down by sea, while

other ships leave and explore. They

come and go… yes they

come, and they go. Will

they all sink? Lord, I

don’t pray so.


Painted in a shade of blue I am.

Wishing and washing my feet in the sand,

siren… oh siren… call

to me.

Listening for the ocean unclear,

Casted off, don’t scoff at the waves here.

Tryin… I’m tryin… on



You sprint through like wind; you

sweep me up into the sun, then

before I can breathe, a-

way from me you sure do run. You

come and go… yes you

come, and you go. Will

you stay still? Lord, I

just don’t know.



D.J. Whisenant


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