– all about the hype –

Cupid has flown away, but doubt’s still out to play,

leav’n rose petals around, smashed choc’lates on the ground.

A treat I just can’t eat… a card too bittersweet,

but when the redness fades… once more – a simple day.


A single simpleton I… am now; I can’t… stand how

I know better, yet I feel… sweaters on ‘us’ TOGETHER.


Hallmark has me blinded and lonely some-

times… craving someone to hold me.

Rom-coms have me tired, yet only, I’m

fine… just before Eros scolds me.

Cannot let myself get caught up again,

or I will find myself bought up and then,

the hype has claimed another life…


Won’t get buried tonight.



D.J. Whisenant


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