– ring tone –

Pa- thetic it seems for me to be… waiting to hear your friendly ring tone. Been a while since sight of your smile, and I just need a friendly hello. Dialin’ your digits from dusk to dawn, when you get a chance, return my calls. Sad it seems my misery… yearning to hear your friendly […]

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– say what i mean –

Mean what I say… and say what I mean. Practice what I preach, and preach what I believe… and I believe you will rule the world… yes, I believe you will move this  earth.   Believe what I say… be- lieve in my voice. It doesn’t know too much, but it knows joyous noise… the […]

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– a fighting chance –

Someone is responding, giving me a signal… and it’s flashing yellow. No wishing, no washing, once again, I won’t pretend craving isn’t mellow…   but at least I’ve got a fighting chance, throwing my shoes back into the dance. I can’t catch a break, so I’m breaking down some doors. Don’t want to snatch or […]

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– all the same –

All the same, these Penn-Ohio towns, all the same I swear.   What once exhilarated my eyes, discovering villages in the hills and valleys, is now a travesty of boredom. Landscapes and gas breaks entice me less and less. Is there something I’m missing, some landmark I haven’t seen? Perhaps I’ve overeaten this slice of […]

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– no sun –

Why discuss the gloom in the sky?   Sad is (a) fact, son when there’s no satisfaction.   When looking for peace, at times I’m left in pieces, then I glue myself back together; swept into the trash never ever.   Why discuss the gloom in the sky?   What I can do today is […]

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