– love story –

Light and shadow dance through the window,

ready to make the most of a precious moment.

A tango here… a rumba there….

their love is harsh and quiet,

volatile and timely,

angst-ridden and sweet with magic.

Multi-flavored pigments fill the room,

gliding up and down and across each wall to the

harmonies between them.

Light and shadow have to fade away soon,

waiting for one more precious moment,

always anticipating a time to love.

If only the world understood…

if only someone could make sense and accept

the sad and hypnotizing affair.



D.J. Whisenant


2 thoughts on “– love story –

  1. Beautifully written my friend! I could feel myself as a shadow in the room observing how all played out! You are a very good writer…thanks for the visits and always sharing…have a wonderful day!

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