– all the same –

All the same,

these Penn-Ohio towns,

all the same I swear.


What once exhilarated my eyes,

discovering villages in the

hills and valleys,

is now a travesty of boredom.

Landscapes and gas breaks

entice me less and less.

Is there something I’m missing,

some landmark I haven’t seen?

Perhaps I’ve overeaten this slice of

American pie…


and as the world turns,

this planet keeps holding me hostage

with each sunrise and sunset.



D.J. Whisenant


7 thoughts on “– all the same –

  1. ilikrd this poem a lot. and understand that monotony along the road. i’m old enough to remember when it wasn’t so, when each town had it’s own peculiar charm.
    it’s been a real shame to see it all disappear over the years.

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