– haiku # 67 –

Sunshine in the clouds,

peeking and poking about…

flowers will peak too.

D.J. Whisenant


11 thoughts on “– haiku # 67 –

      1. Well I hope so as I read so many blogs about continuing snow and cold. Today is a rare day here in Australia, it is actually getting cooler and its raining.

      2. Wow… I honestly cannot imagine it raining in Australia; every image of Australia in my head is based off of online clips I’ve seen of Neighbours and Home and Away, where it’s always sunny and warm. HAHA!

      3. Trust me it does rain, too much at times thankfully we have not had any floods so far this year. I live on the east coast and I look over a river flood plain which in my time has been covered in flood waters a few times. But most of the time those TV program’s have it right. Sunny and warm.

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