Pandora’s Box

Originally posted on Drops of Ink:
it’s been a while I know that it has the words are there they just lack pizazz I poke and prod twist and turn shaping them all so they will burn instead they fizzle the smoke rises tall the demise of Phoebe oh no, will she fall? the query…

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– glass –

Leaving trails of red, through unending fields, steppin’ on all this glass… how do you think I feel? I can only act by how you respond, off and on. If there are no words, then I will be gone, end of song.   Instruct me. Please guide me. Just tell me where to walk. Don’t […]

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– devil’s speak –

Once I told a peer of mine of the demons in my head, begging me to join the underworld, and in return, he said:   ‘Grandma told me it’s devil’s speak, red whispers to make you weak. Do some housework, and sooner or later, voices will face defeat.’   Taking that advice to an extent, I do […]

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